Alоаd for Windows Application

Alоаd for Windows is an application to download and upgrade ASKAN-8 and ASKAN-10 diagnostic tool programing modules.

Aload for Windows v1.34eng — with english language support for ASCAN10

For normal operation of the USB adapter the following drivers need to be installed:

ASCAN-10 USB Driver

USB Driver will not work properly if the number of the currently installed COM port is above 9!

  • Open Device Manager in OS Windows
    • Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to display Run, input devmgmt.msc and tap OK
  • Select the Ports (COM & LPT)
  • Select the corresponding COM port (for example: USB Serial Port (COM11)).
  • Go to the Properties menu.
  • Select the Port Setting tab.
  • Select Advanced
  • Locate the option COM Port Number.
  • Change the value to 1–9.
  • Confirm changes.

Other documentation and files

ASCAN 10 user's guide

Module GAZ

GAZ module in English

Module "GAZ" en français

Módulo "GAZ" en español

M15 module in English

Module KAMAZ

KAMAZ module in English